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Questions(Rhymes & Poems)

1) Old Mr.Chang, I've heard it said,
You wear a basket on your head;
You've two pairs of scissors to cut your meat,
And two pairs of chopsticks with which you eat.
(What is it?)

2) My boat is turned up at both ends;
All storms it meets it weathers.
On its body you'll find not a single board,
For it's covered all over with feathers.

Daily we fill it with rice;
It's admired by all whom we meet.
You will find not a crack in my boat,
But you'll find underneath my two feet!
(What am I?)

3) A bright red flower I wears on my head;
My beautiful coat needs no thimble nor thread;
And though I am not fearsome, I'll have you know
Ten thousand doors open when I says so!
(What am I?)

4) What has feet like plum blossoms,
And a pudding-face sweet,
And is taller when sitting
Than when standing on its feet?
(What is it?)

5) I has eyes and a nose
But has not breathed since my birth;
I cannot go to heaven
And will not stay on earth.
(What am I?)

**If you know the answer, please tell me soon.**
**I'll wait for your answer, so please answer soọn**
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