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4ever I Will Love U

4ever I Will Love You

When you look up, into the star filled sky
any day I'd surrender for you I would die.
I promise with the moon and the stars way above,
I'll dream of you forever, and only you I'll send my lovẹ

I'll lie with you forever, until the sun should burn out
I want to lie forever, please never doụbt
I make this promise, and I intend to keep it,
until the day the earth has no summit.

Íll be yours, till the end of lifẹ
I've always dreamed that you'll be my wife.
But life will end, the sun will die
the stars will stop, Íll get up from where we lie...

Love can be forever, and this time it is and true
because now until forever, I'll swear that I Love You
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