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Miyakoshi Showcases Its Equipment Portfolio for Label Printing and Other Applications

Part Two: Causes and Effects of Industry Evolution <a href="">Book Printing</a> <a href="">Box Printing</a> But the 9240 was just part from the 9000 family news in Poing. Oc&eacute; also announced an important speed upgrade on the 9210, which are now able to stream out black-only pages on the rate of merely one,350 a minute. This is really slightly faster than the organization's own VarioStream 7650, that is widely utilised in transactional print environments. Yet, even though the speeds might be similar, the machines will be more complimentary than competitive. For comparison, the 7000 is often a family of merely one-color simplex printers that can offer duplex, MICR and highlight color printing via twin or triplex configurations, but isn't going to provide a pathway to full color. The 9000 line features single pass duplexing, a migration approach to color, and in their Graphic Arts Plus configuration, delivers premium quality images for publishing applications. It was that quality that enticed Lightning Source to get 15 9210s, with another four likely being shipped when a fresh facility happens line. ,Symcor: Being Strategic in Re-tooling Workflow
Concord Litho: On the Scent of New Profits ,<a href="">Book Printing</a> ??a href="">printing services</a>
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