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The Forex market

The Forex market is a regular market and does not move randomly, but has bases and rules moving on the impact of those who follow them must be out of the deals with a gain and who is contrary to this and exposed to the loss of money time and time again Foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world increase investors in it increase Daily if I do not exaggerate around the clock because of its advantages and works 24 hours a day as it works 24 hours when you intervene at any time you will find opportunities for trading and working hours are complementary to some of them must be learning and taking experience. Many people who accept the foreign exchange market (Forex) trade without prior knowledge and experience only on the opinions and reports and articles written in the forums or Grupat what in places may carry a lot of mistakes and will not recognize them only after learning and experience so learn to trade through a reliable place.
In the forex market, it is preferable to avoid entering transactions in the early hours of the opening of the market on Monday or in the last hours before the close of Friday. It is one of the times that traders have lost frequently and linked periods of work on the market with each other to get to know the best times to trade with reviewing the data Economic news through the news agenda may see that the US period for example is the most active for today's transactions and so on, but what many, especially novices or those who are adventurous in other markets want to win in 24 hours a day out of the total 24 hours is the time of the market and must choose trading times and T where the market well and in order to avoid potential Bbouksair.
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