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Old 04-30-2019, 05:52 PM
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Get rid of ants

In addition, it is almost impossible to reach some colonies without special equipment. If a colony or nest is inside your walls, the simple spray that anyone can buy will not be enough to treat the colony properly. Similarly, external colonies can extend down the surface, where most non-prescription treatments stop working.

Why are some colonies still living after treatment?
In addition to inadequate treatment, colonies can continue to thrive for another simple reason: the survival of the queen ant. Ant problems do not start in your home, but begin to nest. You only know the problem once the ants have invaded your living space. Although you may think that the more ants you see, the more chance you will have, but that's not the case.

The only ant responsible for filling the whole nest is the queen. As long as they are harmless, they can produce more ants to enter your home. Whenever they are made, they need to eat. More complicated is that the ant queen never leaves the nest after she has set up a colony for her, so there's no chance she gets it when she kills those ants in your kitchen.

They create ants that work to feed the young inside the nest, and it fills constantly. Working ants are what you see in your home. Other ants in the colony include queens, soldiers and drones. So even if you learn how to get rid of ants in the kitchen, the queen will soon be replaced by new workers. The only way to get rid of the colony of ants that cause problems in your home is to get rid of the queen.
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