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Old 07-02-2019, 04:21 AM
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Tools for investment

Tools for investment

Real Time investors live momentarily. Such is the elasticity of information, usually having a challenging perspective. But to stay and succeed, you have to do this. Embedding a deal as one of the many existing deals will help you maintain your discipline and reduce your feelings. But there is a business tool that performs Improves you more than anything else:

Daily notebook.
Do not be afraid to keep mental readings to write daily notes. Dear Note ... I am today ... This is not true. Your daily business note can be a computer, a word file or a plain text file stored on your homepage, perhaps the traditional paper and automatic method. It makes sense to you more efficiently. There is something in writing with the automation that makes it more personal. It's probably hand-eye coordination with the brain.
Another method is recording a tape. You might prefer to talk instead of writing. In any way you use ... What exactly will you write (or say)? Do not worry about grammar. Write notes of a word of things. You can point to important items. Such as: stock code, date and time, postage, entry price, stop loss, or exit price.
But it's also very important to register your thoughts. If you have doubts about entering the transaction, note this. If you are now logged in and you're afraid, also note this. If you go outside, write why. With a loss? Did you profit? Why? How was your feeling before leaving? How is your feeling now? How about next
It does not take more seconds to record these currents. But the information you get is very much priced. The reason for this is:
At the end of each week, preferably at the end of the week when the market is closed, review your steps. You are thrilled to see a plan in your behavior. There is definitely something you can do with negative results. And once you notice the problem, the solution is clear. Do this exercise every week, as well as finding a longer term for each month. You can You can do this for yourself only. No one will be better than your own. You do not need the latest version of multi-million dollar business systems to succeed. Look inside. You will certainly get good results.
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