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Old 10-10-2016, 12:59 AM
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Good News in Minnesota

Standard Register Sees Mixed Results in Shift to Document Management: Summary of Q1 Earnings Call <a href="">print solutions</a> <a href="">Book Printing</a> Now you'll find multiple 5th station modules that supply new features for example simulating thermography, adding an choice of textures and variable glossing options. For example, a picture of a painting is usually hit that has a layer of special toner thus it looks almost just as if it was painted. Different amounts of gloss may be used on images to offer the appearance of any spot varnish, and clear toner might be applied on its to draw out images that only appear each time a page is looked to certain angles. Different 5th stations are needed per effect, but it truly is all to easy to imagine a hectic shop creating a number of stations --and adding value to documents with each of them. Pricing varies for that stations, even so the ballpark is about $70,000 as well as any smart printer really should be competent to see an ROI in only several months from the shrewdly selected number of 5th stations for NexPress. This was absolutely one from the coolest things I've seen at drupa and yes it can certainly make money for printers trying to keep their competitive edge sharp. ,Canon Comes to Town with Everything??iterally??t Makes and Does in Imaging
By Frank Romano Published: August 24, 2007 ,<a href="">Paper Gift</a> <a href="">print solutions</a>
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