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Old 12-14-2004, 04:17 AM
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tữ luân

Gia` che^'t go.i la` LA~O TU+?
Cha che^'t go.i la` PHU. TU+?
Me. che^'t go.i la` MA^~U TU+?
Cho^`ng che^'t go.i la` PHU TU+?
Vo+. che^'t go.i la` THE^ TU+?
Em che^'t go.i la` DDE^. TU+?
Con trai che^'t go.i la` NAM TU+?
Con ga'i che^'t go.i la` NU+~ TU+?
Tha^`y gia'o che^'t go.i la` SU+ TU+?
Ho.c tro` che^'t go.i la` SI~ TU+?
Li'nh che^'t go.i la` QUA^N TU+?
Ngu+o+`i trong hoa`ng to^.c che^'t go.i la`HOA`NG TU+?
Ke? quy' pha'i che^'t go.i la` QUI' TU+?
Ngu+o+`i ta`i gio?i che^'t go.i la` TA`I TU+?
Ngu+o+`i che^'t vi` la.nh va` thie^'u ma(.c go.i la`HA`N MA(.C TU+?
Nhie^`u ngu+o+`i che^'t cu`ng lu'c go.i la` DDO^`NG TU+?
Bi. cha^'y ra^.n ca('n che^'t go.i la` CHI' TU+?
Bi. ddie^.n gia^.t che^'t go.i la` DDIE^.N TU+?
Bi. te' ngu+.a che^'t go.i la` MA~ TU+?
Bi. dda'nh ba^`m da^.p ma` che^'t go.i la` NHU+` TU+?
Bi. ke? thu` cha(.t ra nhie^`u khu'c ma` che^'t go.i la` THA'I TU+?
Bi. Thie^n lo^i dda? che^'t go.i la` THIE^N TU+?
Che^'t vi` ye^u thi` go.i la` A'I TU+?
Che^'t vi` bi. phong ha`n thi` go.i la` CA?M TU+?
Che^'t vi` to` mo` thi` go.i la` THA'M TU+?
Che^'t ma` kho^ng ti`m ra xa'c go.i la` BA^'T TU+?
Che^'t sau khi mo.i vie^.c dda~ hoa`n ta^'t go.i la` CHU TU+?
Che^'t trong khi ddang thi ha`nh co^ng vu. go.i la` CO^NG TU+?
Che^'t vi` dda^.p dda^`u vo^ cu+?a go.i la` CU+?A TU+?
Che^'t dduo^'i du+o+'i so^ng go.i la` GIANG TU+?
Che^'t mo^.t ca'ch la~ng xe.t go.i la` LA~NG TU+?
Che^'t mo^.t ca'ch tu+` tu+` nhe. nha`ng go.i la` NU+O+NG TU+?
Che^'t va^.t va~ du+~ do^.i go.i la` DDO^.NG TU+?
Che^'t ma` tha^n the^? co`n nguye^n ve.n go.i la` NGUYE^N TU+?
Che^'t ma` tha^n the^? ru+~a na't go.i la` PHA^N TU+?
Che^'t mo^.t ca'ch cha^.m cha.p tu+`ng pha^`n go.i la`PHA^`N TU+?
Che^'t dde^? ba?o ve^. Pha^.t pha'p go.i la` PHA^.T TU+?
Che^'t trong ru+`ng go.i la` LA^M TU+?
Che^'t trong nha` tho+` go.i la` THA'NH TU+?
Che^'t trong trang vie^n, no^ng tra.i go.i la`TRANG TU+?
Che^'t trong chu`a go.i la` TU+. TU+?
Ngo^`i ddo.c ba'o ma` che^'t go.i la` BA'O TU+?
Do cu+'u ngu+o+`i kha'c ma` che^'t go.i la` CU+'U TU+?
A(n o+? hie^`n la`nh ma` che^'t go.i la` HA?O HA`I TU+?
Hie^'u tha?o ma` che^'t go.i la` HIE^'u TU+?
Ngu+o+`i to lo+'n ma` che^'t go.i la` KHO^?NG TU+?
Kho^ng o^'m ddau ma` che^'t go.i la` MA.NH TU+?
No^ ddu`a ngo+.m ma` che^'t go.i la` NGHI.CH TU+?
Kho' dde? ma` che^'t go.i la` SANH TU+?
Hy sinh chi.u che^'t thay cho ngu+o+`i kha'c go.i la` THE^' TU+?
Ra tra^.n ma` che^'t dda^`u tie^n go.i la`TIE^`N TU+?
DDang ddi ... ma` che^'t go.i la` ... TIE^?U TU+?

Cha'u che^'t go.i la` TO^N TU+?
La~nh dda.o che^'t go.i la` TRU+O+?NG TU+?
Chu? ( Boss ) che^'t go.i la` CHU? TU+? ( Cach xung ho voi Vuong gia )
Ke? cu+o+'p che^'t go.i la` TA(.C TU+?
Che^'t vi` te^' tha^`n ddu+o.c go.i la` THA^`N TU+?
Che^'t mo^.t ca'ch vo^ ly' go.i la` PHI TU+?
Che^'t bi. bo? trong bao go.i la` BAO TU+?
Che^'t he^'t ngu+o+`i na`y dde^'n ngu+o+`i kha'c tu+'c la` LIE^N TU+? ( ha.t
sen )
Chu+a ne^'m mu`i kho^? dda~ che^'t thi` goi la` TIE^N TU+?
Uo^'ng thuo^'c ddo^.c che^'t go.i la` NGO^. TU+?
Che^'t dde^? la.i gia ta`i kho^ng ai hu+o+?ng tu+'c la` UO^?NG TU+?
Che^'t trong lu'c ddang xe't xu+? ddu+o+.c go.i la` XU+? TU+?
Che^'t vi` qu'a ddo'i kho^? go.i la` THA?M TU+?
Ye^?u ddie^.u thu.c nu+~ che^'t du+o+.c go.i la` YE^?U TU+?
Che^'t vi` kho^ng dda.t du+o+.c ky` go.i la` BA^'T DDA('C KI` TU+?

Men chao
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