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Old 02-04-2005, 10:46 PM
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This is not a pem this is how i feel inside unspeaklesss

how i start this....

You live in a life of unspeakness...

what u dream of never come true why do we dream for hủh

let me answer you that..

cuz.. we all Human we do think and we have feeling for others....

Sometime ours feeling does carely, way for our own choice

but... it sad that we do lost really lost a choice of our life once

to our lovez one.....

as they say life it just how u wanted to be...

Betard and for- really... only you knowing the

anwser to all the keys, unlock it....

short poem....

I dream of you where are you now?
I had cry of you loudly , tears falling
slowly upon your soul with out you.....
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